About The Practice

A New Kind of Legal Practice for the Online, Technology-driven Age.  Automated.  Digital.  Client-focused.  Attorneys are schooled by the legal community to practice a certain way.  They meet or get referred to people who need their services.  They schedule a meeting, take notes and prepare a follow-up letter.  Part of this memo might include a retainer agreement that allows the client to retain their services.  The work might be handled on an hourly basis or for a flat fee.  And, while more than 80% of us end up practicing solo or in small (2-5) person firms, we are not taught how to be a business owner.  We need to figure that out on our own.

In today’s web-based, digital age, people want access to legal services but do not always take the steps to go the “traditional” route.  The legal community is following its own rules for doing business, but clients often do not want to work that way. They want to interact on their terms, obtain services online and avoid seeing an attorney in person if possible.

Introducing Beinhaker Law, a legal practice that makes it easier to interact and obtain legal services while avoiding the drawn-out, time-consuming and costly process of working with other attorneys.

This website is designed to help automate much of the estate planning and business law process so you can obtain our services faster and at a lower investment. The result:  more time to focus on your business.  You might be an entrepreneur running a start-up small business or a busy corporate executive.  Your might not have the time and resources to seek out an attorney in the traditional way.  At Beinhaker Law, you do it on your terms.

Automated services are basic such as forming a company, creating a basic business agreement or creating a simple will.  But even if you need custom services, we automate as much of the process as possible, making it easier for you to obtain legal services and interact with the practice.

This does not mean we are not referred clients.  In fact, we thrive on referrals and hope you will leave positive reviews on our website and around the Internet!  We just make it easier for you to do business with us.