Prepare Your Own Documents

In recognizing that the legal professional, to a large extent, is not innovating and exploring better, technology-driven ways to service and interact with clients, the practice has developed a section of this website that allows a client to automate basic processes including forming a company, creating a basic will, advanced directive or power of attorney and even basic business agreements.  The objective, with client assistance, is to deliver documents at a lower price and on an expedited basis.  Where the traditional method would take several weeks or more to retain services and create a document, this “do-it-yourself” process will result in delivery of a document in as little as 36-72 hours (most often 3-4 days).

Do you need any documents notarized?  Mobile notary services are available through our special relationship with AndaVar Solutions, LLC.  Contact our office for current pricing and further details.  In the alternate, signing and notarizing is available in our office for an additional charge.