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Lucas Walker – Rolled Up

Lucas Walker is a serial entrepreneur having started three successful businesses in the software, eCommerce, and media spaces, working on bootstrapped and venture funded companies, there are just a handful of people with the experience he has. He has reviewed more...

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Sam Thiara – Lost & Found

Sam Thiara is a professional who has created a personal journey as a storyteller, writer, workshop facilitator, problem solver, educator and entrepreneur.  His goal is to engage individuals in their personal and professional development and was recognized by the...

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Wendy Caverly – Crusaders Networking

Wendy Caverly is a networking coach and connections facilitator. As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. But how do you get to know those people? By networking! Networking is the open exchange of knowledge while connecting with others. ...

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Dr. James Richardson – Branding Expert

Dr. James Richardson is the founder of Premium Growth Solutions, a strategic planning consultancy for early-stage consumer packaged goods brands. As a professionally trained cultural anthropologist turned business strategist, he has helped nearly 100 CPG brands with...

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J. Kelly Hoey – Build Your Dream Network

Kelly Hoey is the author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World (January 2017 / Tarcher Perigee). Kelly has been lauded from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“1 of the 25...

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Robert Clinkenbeard – The Radix Group

Robert Clinkenbeard is the CEO of The Radix Group, LLC which has offices in Greenville, Phoenix, and the UK. He is an entrepreneur, an author, senior leader in EO and a four time Ironman. He is a serial entrepreneur having sold his $20M company and now has several...

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Justin Reitman – Tech Shredders

Justin Reitman is the Co-Founder of Tech Shredders and  Director of Business Development at Intek Leasing in Roseland, NJ.  He is a former lawyer who took the long path to working in the family business.  His entrepreneurship journey started in a law school classroom...

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Melina Palmer – The Brainy Business

Melina Palmer is founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, which provides behavioral economics consulting to businesses of all sizes from around the world. Her podcast, The Brainy Business: Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy, has downloads in over 160...

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Salisha Thomas – Black Hair in the Big Leagues

Salisha Thomas is a California native and a former Miss California. She graduated from CSU Fullerton with a BA in Theater, is a former vocalist for Disneyland, has performed regionally throughout California, and toured with Beautiful The Carole King Musical and later...

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Amber Fuhriman – Success Architect

Another PodMAX Interview!  Amber Fuhriman is an attorney, speaker, success architect, and podcaster.  She is the Owner and Attorney at Fuhriman Law, a Law Firm she operates in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Amber practices Criminal Defense and Immigration Law.  She graduated...

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