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Josh McCallen – Accountable Equity

Josh McCallen is a thought-leader, brand strategist, and resort revivalist. Over the past 20 years, he has generated over $100,000,000 in revenue in the industry, as well as in hospitality and weddings. What started as constructing luxury beach houses for celebrities,...

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Artin Nazarian – Side Adventure

Artin Nazarian's story is an immigrant story. As a Christian minority family in war-torn Iran, his parents decided it best to move somewhere that could give Artin and his sister better opportunities. At 10 years old, Artin and his family immigrated to the United...

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Rick Giambanco – Premier Solutions

Rick Giambanco, age 29, was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Owner and founder of Premier Solutions, Inc, Rick brings a profound willingness to help businesses, individuals and overall, his community. Rick currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and enjoys...

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Chris Walsh – Marijuana Business Daily

Chris Walsh served as the founding editor of Marijuana Business Daily during the company’s launch in 2011, becoming the first journalist in the United States to focus exclusively on covering the business of cannabis. As CEO, he now guides the strategic vision of the...

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Natalie Palomino – North Authentic

Natalie Palomino is a Master Stylist, Clean Hair Care Expert and Founder of North Authentic, a conscious hair care company. With a B.S. in Finance, JD/MA, and 12 years behind the chair as a hairstylist, hair salon owner and educator focused on clean products, she is...

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Lynne Eichenbaum – GardenSleeves

Lynne Eichenbaum is the owner and creator of GardenSleeves by NOMPI Gloves, a patented line of long- sleeved gardening gloves designed to help protect the arms from poison ivy, mosquito bites, sunburn, dirt, stinging nettles, and all things itchy. (NOMPI stands for NO...

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Tim O’Brien – The Healthy Place

Tim O’Brien has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. He began his career in 2003 at GNC franchises, then became District Manager in 2005. In 2008, he became the manager of Elite Nutrition. During those years, he built a solid foundation of...

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Shirag Shemmassian – Academic Consulting

Dr. Shirag Shemmassian is the Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting and one of the world's foremost experts on medical school admissions, college admissions, and graduate school admissions. For nearly 20 years, he and his team have helped thousands of students...

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Jeff Chastain – Admentus

Most entrepreneurial business leaders are experts in their field. Still, they struggle with the complexities involved in scaling their business, with less than half of entrepreneurial businesses surviving more than five years. A serial entrepreneur himself, Jeff...

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Lane Kawaoka – Simple Passive Cashflow

Lane Kawaoka is a Licensed Professional (PE) with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Management and a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering both from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He currently owns 21 Apartments...

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