Entrepreneurship & Business Law


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need legal assistance.  Probably on a regular basis, but it doesn’t make sense to add a full-time attorney to your staff.

You may be running a start-up business, perhaps a technology company or a nontech business, and you need legal services for your company.  You’ll need to form the company, create an operating agreement or by-laws and create other documents for the business.  You’ll also need advice and guidance as you deal with other businesses, service providers, employees, etc…

Beyond an operating agreement or strategic business plan, you might need a nondisclosure agreement (especially when discussing proprietary products or ideas with potential investors, advisors or employees), a noncompete/nonsolicitation agreement for employees (preferably signed at the time of hire) or an employee handbook (as your employee group reaches 5 or more).  You might also need a business plan (which might include strategic objectives), especially if you are determined to raise money for equity investment in your company.

You can get started by doing some of the “leg work” yourself.  Our Automated Services [link to auto services page] allow you to form a company and create basic agreements that you need to run your company.  As your needs become more complicated, you can move up to custom services and obtain more involvement from the practice.  And instead of hiring a full-time attorney, you can add us to your staff for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.  This makes an attorney available for your legal needs and you get a reduction in the cost of other services as they are needed.  Contact us for more information about our monthly retainer program.

Don’t “go it alone” in the business world.  Often, seeking legal help after the fact becomes more costly and options to correct and deal with issues become limited.