Medical Appeals & Collections


Insurance companies rarely pay a doctor’s medical bill (even in-network) in full.  The charges are often reduced for a multitude of reasons – network discounts, codes being included in other codes, deemed not medically necessary, etc…  As a medical professional, you (or your office staff) appeal these payments and find it difficult to increase payment by the carrier.


If you are running into “brick walls”, give us a try.  We work on a contingent basis – you don’t pay, unless we get you money.


Patient “Kept Check” Issues


We also handle the collecting of unpaid bills and even “kept check” situations where patients keep checks they are sent by their insurer which were supposed to be used to pay your bill.


Contact us to arrange a free, online consult or use this link to our calendar to set up a 20 minute chat.  We’ll evaluate your cases and determine if we can be of help in improving your cash flow.