Meet Our Guests!

Like many of you, I myself became an “accidental entrepreneur”. Listen to some of our latest episodes and learn more about our guests below.

– Mitch

Karl Barth

Karl joins Mitch from Wisconsin to talk about the world of miniature golf and how he has turned it into a business for himself.  You can watch him on a recent episode of ABC’s Holey Moley minigolf challenge.

Listen to Karl’s episode here.

Laurie McCabe

Laurie joins Mitch on this episode to discuss how business owners are addressing online marketing and technology during our changing times, especially in light of the changes caused by the corona virus pandemic.

Listen to Laurie’s episode here.

Cynthia Zhai

Cynthia joins Mitch remotely from Singapore to talk about how she coaches and trains people to create a powerful voice and make a bigger impact on the people and audiences her clients address.
Listen to Cynthia’s episode here.

Suzanne Carpenter

Suzanne joins Mitch on this episode to talk about her challenges with weight and eating and how she is bringing out her message and impacting the lives of others who are frustrated with weight loss.
Listen to Suzanne’s episode here.

Arnold Rintzler

Arnie joins Mitch on today’s episode to discuss the difficulties business owners face, especially during the corona virus outbreak, in growing their companies and succeeding at what they aim to do.
Listen to Arnie’s episode here.

Mitchell Cahn

Mitch joins Mitch to talk about the shift he made to support front line efforts during the COVID crisis.  Mitch’s continual growth and success provides tremendous lessons to any entrepreneur.
Listen to Mitch’s episode here.

Ron Laikind

Ron is the inventor of Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System (PCS) and Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System (PSS).  He joins Mitch on this episode to talk about some of his outdoor adventures, his Extreme Mist invention and how he has pivoted his product to react to the COVID crisis.
Listen to Ron’s episode here.

Michele Siekerka

Michele was kind enough to join Mitch for this episode, recorded right in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis.  She offers a lot of insight about the state of business in New Jersey and how we move forward in light of all recent circumstances.
Listen to Michele’s episode here.

Bruce Heyman

Bruce joins Mitch on this episode to discuss his 3rd-generation family-owned business and how he has grown and shaped the business into what it does today.  You might be familiar with the other part and a better known name, of his business:  Fabricland.
Listen to Bruce’s episode here.

Richard Laidler

On this episode, Richard joins Mitch to discuss his business experiences and how he has used residual-based business opportunities to build the life-style he wants.
Listen to Richard’s episode here.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff joins Mitch from “down under” in Australia to share his experience and advice for small business owners trying to make it in the world.
The Jeff Bullas Podcast
Listen to Jeff’s episode here.

Meredith Lehman

On this episode, Meredith joins Mitch to discuss her company and the local farming industry.  It’s a great episode to listen to and, if you are in the New Jersey area, you should sign up as a customer!
Listen to Meredith’s episode here.

Alix Rubin

Alix is an employment law attorney practicing in NY and NJ.  She owns a private practice in Fairfield, New Jersey and joins Mitch to discuss legal issues that employers and employees may face during the pandemic.
Listen to Alix’s episode here.

Melinda Emerson – The Small Biz Lady

On this episode, Melinda joins Mitch to discuss the problems with small businesses, why they fail and how we can help them to succeed.  Be sure to subscribe to Melinda’s newsletter on her website.
Listen to Melinda’s episode here.

Wanda Toro Turini

Wanda joins Mitch to discuss her story and her latest product “Ketch Words” which can turn any entrepreneur into a lead-generating machine! 

Ketchwords Website
Listen to Wanda’s episode here.

Tamsin Astor, PhD

Dr. Astor joins Mitch from her home in Cleveland to share her knowledge and give great advice about creating effective habits while working from home to get us all through this COVID crisis!
Listen to Tamsin’s episode here.

Barry Moltz

As a small business expert, Barry gets owners growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential…
Listen to Barry’s episode here.

Joe Montes

Joe is the owner of The Red Cadillac in Union, New Jersey, and joins Mitch to discuss the restaurant business and how he got started. If you’re ever in the area, stop in for some of the best tacos and margaritas around!
Listen to Joe’s episode here.

Gene Marks

In this special episode, Gene joins Mitch to discuss the government programs including SBA rescue loans that are available to business owners, including self-employed solopreneurs, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Listen to Gene’s episode here.

Kerry George

Kerry is the founder and owner of The CIBN (Canadian Imperial Business Network) which hosts and runs almost 400 meetings a year to help small business owners network and grow their businesses.  Join Mitch on this remote episode where he interviews Kerry from her home in Alberta, Canada.
Listen to Kerry’s episode here.

Celestina Ando

Celestina joins Mitch to talk about the business of photography and how she made the transition from accounting & finance to portrait photography!  Her story is compelling and a good lesson about career changes and transition.
Listen to Celestina’s episode here.

Gary Bizzo

Forbes has Gary on its Top 25 Business people to follow on Twitter. London-based Richtopia said Bizzo was on the List of the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 of 2017 and #99 in 2018 as one of the Most Influential Leaders in the World.
Listen to Gary’s episode here.

Janet Ryan

Janet joins Mitch for a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion of wellness and her vitamin business.
Listen to Janet’s episode here.

Ivana Taylor

Ivana joins Mitch to discuss how she came to this country and got started in the social media industry.  You’ll hear how she almost invented social media before it was even a thing!
Listen to Ivana’s episode here.

Miles Notar

Miles is a Queens native and one of the best networkers I know.  On this episode, Miles and I discuss his background, how he currently makes a living and his thoughts about how to be a good networker.

Listen to Miles’s episode here.

Ted Rubin

Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Photofy, CMO, Author, Speaker, and Provocateur. Ted was Chief Social Marketing Officer of Collective Bias (an early entrant to the content and influencer marketing space) and a principal shareholder until the November 2016 7-figure acquisition by Inmar
Listen to Ted’s episode here.

Joshua Weiss

Josh is the CEO and founder of TeliApp, a unique and innovative software development company.  Join Mitch on this episode where Josh tells his story, how he got started and the cool things they are working on today.
Listen to Josh’s episode here.

Barbara Weltman

Barbara is the founder of Big Ideas for Small Business, Inc., which publishes Idea of the Day® and the e-newsletter Big Ideas for Small Business®.
Listen to Barbara’s episode here.

Lila Schneider

Lila is a New Jersey native and the owner of Let’s B Media, a media and digital marketing company.  On this episode, Lila shares her experience in media, PR and advertising, as well as providing some advice for business owners looking to improve and grow their online web presence.
Listen to Lila’s episode here.

Sid Vaidya & Eric Gershey

Sid “Vee” is a commercial banker and a master networker.  Eric is an entrepreneur, founder of Jaguar Apps, an avid networker and a public speaker.  Together, they run Switch Events, a networking organization that brings business owners and professionals together in various locations in New Jersey.  They also co-host a podcast, C3 Chat Show, which hit iTunes’ Top 50 Education Newcomer Podcast.   

Listen to Sid & Eric’s episode here.

Dan Pincus

Dan has an MBA in Marketing and is the creator and owner of World Golf Network. This program is dedicated to business owners and decision makers that are serious about networking. The program supports both golfers and non-golfers and helps executives do more business in a social atmosphere.
Listen to Dan’s episode here.

Claudia Goddiess

Claudia is an immigrant, an entrepreneur and the owner/creator of Apex Building Services – a commercial cleaning company located in Clinton, NJ.  On this episode, Claudia shares how she came to this country as a teenager without knowing a word of English and has worked her way up to college graduate and successful business owner.
Listen to Claudia’s episode here.

Danny Wood

Danny is an accomplished sales trainer and has been teaching the Sandler Sales system for more than 20 years.  On this episode, Danny shares his background and experience, along with some tidbits about sales and how you can get started.
Listen to Danny’s episode here.

Jill Beer

Jill is a self-taught entrepreneur and the owner/operator of Inside Credit, a company that provides credit reports, criminal and eviction searches, for landlords, property managers, real estate agents, human resource professionals, employers, recruiters and individuals hiring household care, childcare & eldercare. 

Listen to Jill’s episode here.

Derek C. Wright

Derek is the co-founder of Vivo Launch Partners, a start-up incubator located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  After selling his interest in a start-up software company about 16 months ago, Derek focuses his efforts on helping aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and increase their chances of success.

Listen to Derek’s episode here.

Mark Beal

Mark is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Public Relations in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University.  He joins Mitch to discuss generation Z, what he has learned and how to make sense of it all.

Listen to Mark’s episode here.

Jim Tretola – “Let’s Talk Legal”

Jim, who is an eldercare consultant and a dementia specialist, joins Mitch to discuss how to deal with loved ones when its time for them to consider adult daycare, assisted living and even nursing home facilities.

*due to the COVID-19 crisis, the development and launch of Let’s Talk Legal has been put on hold.

Listen to Jim’s episode here.

Arielle Cassidy

Arielle Cassidy, the owner and creator of The Juice House in Garwood, NJ, joins Mitch to talk about her background, how she got started and advice she has for other women entrepreneurs.

Listen to Arielle’s episode here.

Dr. Gordon Chui

Dr. Chiu is a medical professional, entrepreneur and one of the best SAT/ACT tutors around.  In this episode, Gordon joins Mitch to discuss his background, experience in medicine and his entrepreneurial experiences.

Listen to Gordon’s episode here.

Jonathan Kramer

Jon is one of the best networkers around and owner of Progressive Payment Solutions & Progressive Capital Resources.  He joins Mitch to discuss his background, experience in business and his advice for anyone getting started in networking.

Listen to Jon’s episode here.

Erich Peter

Erich is the Director of Training & Technical Assistance at UCEDC, a nonprofit economic development corporation.  In this episode, Erich joins Mitch to discuss the various educational and lending resources available through his organization.

Listen to Erich’s episode here.

Lou DeMartino

Lou DeMartino, a financial advisor and owner of Pour and Pedal Wine & Bike Tours, joins Mitch to share his entrepreneurial experience with his wine and bike tour company, along with a fine wine and food festival business.

Listen to Lou’s episode here.

Jasmine Hoffman

Jasmine Hoffman, the Senior Director of Events at TechDay, joins Mitch for a post-conference debrief as well as to discuss the start-up world and her advice for businesses just getting going. 

*Jasmine is no longer with TechDay.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Listen to Jasmine’s episode here.

Jack Killion

Jack Killion, of, joins Mitch to discuss his story, experience and advice for all entrepreneurs out there.  Jack had so much great information to share, we’ve released the interview in two parts. 

Listen to part one of Jack’s episode here.

Listen to part two of Jack’s episode here.