The Accidental Entrepreneur

As creator and host of The Accidental Entrepreneur, Mitchell interviews successful business owners and professionals to help people achieve success in business on purpose and avoid failing by accident.  Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn (Amazon Alexa), and iHeart Radio.  If you would like to sponsor an episode, have any questions or comments, or would like to appear as a guest, send an email to questions@beinhakerlaw.com.  You can support us by leaving a 5-star review and leaving positive comments on social media.  You can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We are also listed on Podchaser and hope you will review us and share your review on social media.

Meet Our Guests!

Please visit our guest page to learn about everyone who appears on the podcast including links to their websites and their episode.

Affiliate Sponsors

In an on-going effort to bring quality services to our listeners and supporters, we have formed certain affiliate relationships.  These services will help you operate and grow your business, while providing support to the podcast to improve our production, editing, equipment, etc…  If you visit them and use their services, be sure to let them know you were referred by The Accidental Entrepreneur!

Nowsite.marketing – Nowsite is a digital marketing platform that allows any business owner or entrepreneur to easily build a content marketing program using their 3-click method to easily post on social media, create websites & landing pages, run email campaigns and post targeted online advertising campaigns.  If you sign up, be sure to use the referral code “taepodcast” or contact us by email to arrange an introductory Zoom presentation.

Digital Accelerant – the digital business card that generates leads.  Get a custom branded digital card with information and links to all your social media, email and other information.  For a reasonable setup fee, along with a low monthly maintenance charge, you can get one of the neatest tools in digital marketing.  Text LAW to 21000 to access our DBC and request instructions to access our affiliate enrollment form.

Fetch Internet – Fetch (FetchPro) is a mobile application that turns your cell phone into a hotspot that you can tether to your laptop or desktop computer.  For a one-time fee (yep, no monthly hot spot fees), you can get faster and more secure access to the internet.  Great for public wifi or when using hotel wifi systems.  An affliate link is coming soon, so be sure to drop us an email if you wish to make a purchase.

Listen to their commercials on our episodes and watch for other great relationships coming soon!

The TAE Forum – a Facebook Group

As we grow our listenership and provide valuable insight and information, we have created the TAE Forum, a private group on Facebook where are subscribers can post questions, share information and provide guidance to each other.  We hope you will check it out and apply for membership.