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Order a new Will for you and/or your spouse.  These documents include a spousal disclaimer trust and a minor’s trust that distributes assets at age 21.

Combine into a Wills Bundle and save!

Click here to add Sign & Notarize to your purchase.  (This service is only available in our Clark, NJ office and only to supervise signings of documents purchased through our practice.)

Further protect your family with the DocuBank service and an emergency access card for you, your spouse, or college students.  Your advanced healthcare directives will be available via web download or fax to a treating doctor or medical facility.  Note that the DocuBank service is only available with the purchase of Healthcare Directives (HCD).  A card for special needs children are available upon request.  Please email info@beinhakerlaw.comThis is for a 5-year subscription and the service is only available in combination with the purchase of advanced healthcare directives.  Beginning in the 6th year of the service, you will be billed directly from DocuBank.

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Individual, With Spouse, Wills Bundle (indiv), Wills Bundle (spouses), Wills Bundle w/DocuBank (indiv), Wills Bundle w/DocuBank (spouses)


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