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100 Walnut Ave., Ste 210, Clark, NJ 07066moc.walrekahnieb%40ofni(908) 379-9747

Shared General Counsel Services
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Shared General Counsel Services (113)

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Shared General Counsel Services
Small Business Owner
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Most small business owners cannot afford (nor does it make financial sense) to hire their own general counsel, devoted exclusively to their company. But legal issues come up fairly regularly and advice about the law is always needed. Hiring attorneys on an "ad hoc" basis does not allow counsel to have a real understanding of the structure of your company, history of dealings, agreements in place, employees, etc... And it always costs more (and sometimes gets you worse results) for the ad hoc lawyer to spend time going through your situation. The term "fractional" general counsel applies to a lawyer who, for a flat monthly fee, interacts and understands your business dealings on a regular basis. Generally, this results in less cost and minimizes any "emergency" legal issues.

Hire our general business and personal planning services for your company and your family for a flat monthly fee. The various retainer services, along with the respective monthly fees, are listed below:

$699 – Small Business Owner: 60 minutes of telephone/in-person consulting, plus unlimited emails. 20% discount on other services

$1,399 – Single-family Businesses: 90 minutes of consulting, plus unlimited emails. 25% discount on business law services and 50% discount on any family estate-planning. Applies to all family members who are involved in the business, as well as their parents or lineal descendants.

$2,499 – Multi-family Businesses: 3 hours of consulting, plus unlimited emails. Same discounts as family-owned and estate planning applies to all partners and their families.

$3,999 – Owners, Executives & Professionals: Unlimited consulting, emails, contract drafting and family estate planning for busy and successful business owners and professionals. A separate fee applies to each owner or member of the professional practice.

Beinhaker Law is a transactional legal practice. Discounts are applied to regular hourly rate of $475. Litigation, along with some specialty services, are not available and not included in any fractional package. See your retainer agreement for more details. Mitchell will obtain and coordinate with other outside counsel, but additional fees may apply.

Monthly fees are not refundable. Unused time will carry over to the following month to a maximum of 2 months total time, but must be used in full by the end of your contract year. Processing fees will be applied to your payment.